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Orca Browser 1.2

Orca Browser is an extremely fast and user friendly web browser
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Do you like orcas? If you actually do, then maybe this browser will like you!
Choosing a web browser is very complicated since it's one of the most used applications of the computer. That's why the browser must have a combination of a nice user interface, it must be comfortable and handy to perform the basic operations, be lightweight, and have a complete set of features.
Well, now there is a new player on the field, called Orca Browser.
This browser is really based on gecko engine, such as Mozilla Firefox, that's why you will see it as a clone of it. Most of the top-features of Firefox are present here, but Orca Browser spices up the field with some extra utilities like a floating toolbar to save or copy content, and an online storage to save everything on the web (preferences, bookmarks, and so on).
Before to start using Firefox, I used Opera for a long time. And the default skin of Orca browser resembles me to this browser somehow. It's nice and clear. But the disposition of buttons and menus are really complicated for me. Maybe I'm too familiar to the Firefox UI!

Review summary


  • Nice and lightweight


  • Firefox plugins may not to be fully compatible
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